Thursday, 8 August 2013

Yes to Forever

He asked! 

Of course I said 'YES'!

Robert is my very best friend. He has been since early on in our relationship. How could he not be? He is sincere, funny, and honest. And he can fix things! The rarest of finds these days. So when he asked me to marry him on July 23rd, 2013 {for my own records} there was no humming and hawing. No questions to be considered or over analyzed {my usual approach to}. I love him. Yes Please! 

Let me rewind and start from the beginning.

We had originally met on opening night of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a mere four years ago {More about that here}. But we didn't see one another again until that August during an evening out to celebrate my brother Joshua's birthday. Robert was quiet. Very quiet. While I on the other hand was absolutely NOT. He spent nearly the entire evening talking with his friend Chris while I danced the night away.

It wasn't until he was about to leave that he worked up the courage to walk out onto the dance floor, wrap his arm around my waist in a polite yet firm manner, and whisper in my ear "It was nice seeing you tonight." And with that he was off. Had he not worked up the gumption to say goodnight we would not be here today because I would have written him off as too shy, or awkward even. Hey, don't judge. The dating scene is tough. Later that week he added me to Facebook and  not so subtly got around to asking for my number. He rang on the Wednesday to make plans for Friday. A modern day Romeo.

We went to a lovely restaurant downtown Halifax, The Elephant Castle. He ordered a salad - my first introduction to his limited palate. I felt obliged to follow suit because I was the girl. You know? I couldn't very easily order something hearty like steak or pasta. But thankfully it was enough to get me through several hours of walking the waterfront afterward. By the time he drove me home I felt like we had known one another for years. 

I wasn't looking for anything serious but after a few dates we just continued to grow closer. He was so easy to be around and I was comfortable to be myself. It was one of those things you can't plan for. One moment you are happily living life alone and somewhere down the line you realize you have a partner that you can no longer imagine being without. There was no ah-ha moment. No one thing that happened to make it all change. It was just Rob and I together. Period.

Too quickly by the standards of others, we moved in together. We actually shared a rented home with my youngest brother Garry directly across the street from Joshua and his growing family. I guess I wanted to put him to the test early on - if he could handle three Gaudett's on a regular basis he was up for anything! 

After a year we decided to move here to New Glasgow and build our first home. Somewhere in there we decided to add Moe to the mix and of course he came along for the adventure. It happened without either of us planning it. There was no official discussion. Nothing set in stone. We just naturally became us. Us evolved into a little family in a big-for-us house. And before long our little family added another member. 

Mr. Finley arrived ten months after we moved into our home. The best of house warming gifts! Unbelievably, a year has already passed since he joined our clan and, like his father, it feels like he has always been here. We are blessed. I am blessed - above and beyond anything I ever expected or even dreamed.

All that to say I didn't expect a ring to enter the equation. I'm in for the long haul. No accessories required. But Robert had different plans. He wanted to make it official. So everyone would know I was his.

So upon his arrival home from two weeks away West Finley, Moe and I collected him at the airport and off we ventured to my families cottage for a week of quality family time. That night, after tucking Finley snug in bed, we settled in for a game of crib over an adult beverage. Half way through, on his deal, I stepped out on the deck to watch Moe play by the water, crying to have us through his stick. Rob followed me out, wrapped his arms around me, and we watched our oldest son play. 

I said, "I think I'll throw the stick for Moe before it gets too dark."

He casually responded, "First you have to finish this game. Then you have to marry me."

Before I knew it he was down on one knee. 

It was the most beautiful moment: Our little family settled in for a relaxing week just us. The sun setting over the peaceful lake I loved as a child. My best friend nervously excited about pulling off his surprise, pure love in his eyes. And I was speechless - not a common occurrence. 

"Yes" was my answer.

A million times yes to more moments together.

*Just an FYI. The ring is from Inglis Jewellers. They were above and beyond fabulous - selection and quality service. We will be lifetime customers of theirs. Just saying.


  1. Beautiful :) You two deserve it. So happy for you <3

  2. Just love this picture....sounds like quite the romantic engagement....

  3. Congratulations! Happy for you! :)


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