Monday, 26 August 2013

Love Is In The Air

Can't you feel it? 

Okay, okay. Maybe it is just fall sneaking in. But I am opting to think of it as love. Love, sweet love. 
Everyone, and I actually mean everyone, around me seems to be falling in love, getting married, getting  engaged, or having a small army of babies. It is everywhere. Facebook is screaming love right in my face every time I log in. Which is a good thing. Don't get me wrong. I love love. Especially when said love includes me in the celebration festivities!

Have I mentioned that I am going to Jamaica soonish? If not, hear it loud because I am proud {and overwhelmingly excited, enthusiastic, hysterical - you get the idea}! Our dear friends Jenn and Greg, whom I have mentioned on numerous occasions around these parts, are tying the knot in the heat of Jamaica {fingers crossed for no rain} come the end of October. And yours truly is lucky enough to be joining in to help them celebrate their love. I can think of no better way for them to promise each other forever than a relaxing tropical vacation with great friends {aka me}, adult beverages, bathing suits, and  zero cooking insight. Sold.

*Just an FYI, as of right now Robert is planning on being my hot date for this week of events but if work interferes my Mother Dearest has graciously offered to step in and tag along. 

I'm not sharing my good fortune to bring you sadness as the hot summer weather nears its end. I would never! How rude. There is a proper reason for my boasting. Over this past weekend the fam and I, Moe included, were invited by the bride and groom to join in with their families to jubilate their nuptials with a wedding shower. This entailed a getaway to their beach front trailer, a potluck, outdoor band, bonfire, and day of beachy activities {swimming, sunning, and Finn getting filthy in the sand}. Essentially the worlds way of foreshadowing what our Jamaica adventure has in store.

We snapped a few shots so you could vicariously tag along and better imagine the mood of the weekend.

The Bride and Groom to be!
As soon as they arrived at their party they were adorned with stunning accessories.

Finn found one of his own to be more like Uncle Greg.

Doesn't a baby look good on them?
Even a tired one!

An early morning family adventure on the sand bars.
Finn and Moe were both in their glory!

Our version of love.

This kid!
Relaxation + Dirt = His Glory

Had to share. Just because he is darling.
Jenn and Greg are missing from the beach shots because they managed to sleep in - lucky ducks. Finley was up with the sun {not to mention the dozen times in the night} so we ventured out on our own to explore the morning haze and chill.

I love the beach. Not in the way that I would eat, breath, sleep sand and beach creatures with my home just steps away from the shore line. This is Nova Scotia, Canada after all and come winter I would be stuck inside for fear of being blown away by a gust of ocean wind. But the summer months whistle a different tune. There is nothing to compare with the feeling of love {on theme} that surrounded and filled me as I walked hand in hand with my love while our boys laughed/barked and played in the surf. The warm rays beaming down, a light breeze swirling the crisp smells of salt and nearby farm lands, with nothing but blue skies, red sand, and endless water in sight. That is love.

On that note, let's all get inspired to search out the small moments of love in our lives {this mornings being my coffee percolator} and be thankful. A full life is a compilation of those special moments with those that we love. Don't let a single one pass you by. Life is much too short. 

A huge congratulations to all those celebrating milestones of love! *Lacey and Adam - you deserve every happiness! Jamie and Norm - a lifetime of special moments are ahead! xo 

And to those reflecting on a full life well lived - do remember all the good and press on with an understanding that nothing in life is promised for forever. Everything is a temporary gift and each moment spent is worth a lifetime of memories. *He is smiling on you Brenna. Forever proud. xo

Enjoy a great week all! Hope to see you back again soon.

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