Thursday, 29 August 2013

Projects Page Up and At' Em

Calling all friends! 

I have a major announcement! Seriously. This is a biggy!

'It is official. I, Allison Gaudett, am borderline techy!' 

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell the world!

{Goodness I am humble}

Finally, after weeks of humming and hawing over this darn {excuse my language} 'Projects Page' I have managed to make it work! How? Honestly, I can't be sure. I didn't, to my knowledge, do anything different than what I had been doing all along but somehow it is now working. Booya Gramma!

From here on out you will find this clever page located on the tool bar to the right of our Master To-Do List - which is well worth a peruse itself. It will serve as a tool to help you easily manoeuvre through the projects that we have gotten up to. Just click on the photo that interests you and beep boo beep {that is the sound of your computer working in case you were wondering} you will find yourself at that post. 

Eventually, once we get a few more projects under our belts, the page will be divided into categories and such but for now it is a hodgepodge of everything from DIY's  to organization.

It looks like-a-so:

A masterpiece!

Take a pop over - or is it up? - and see if  you've missed anything. If you see something you like I welcome you to leave a message. Or go ahead and Pin It! Might as well. Hey, you could even share with friends! {Thanks!}

{Here's a link to make it even easier for ya. Just this once.}

Enjoy! And hope to chat again soon.


  1. The Projects page looks great, any chance on making a post on how you make a projects page? I still have a lot to learn about blog design.


    1. Thanks Jenn! I am happy with how it turned out too.
      I'm hearing you loud and clear about having lots to learn in the blogging world.
      I will definitely get on putting together a tutorial on how I did mine. But in the mean time, Ill refer you to Sweeter Than Sweets site - - I found this to be the most helpful tutorial for me. But there were things that I had to figure out on my own so I will try to put a play by play together soon!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Very nice, I'm still working on my projects page, I have 2 on there now but trying to figure out a different way to feature them!

    1. Ashley, I took a look at your project page and it is so neat how you have the 'Pin It' button come up when you scroll over each picture! Love that!

      How would you go about featuring the projects differently? I am looking for ideas myself because as we do more projects the page as is will get too full. Thoughts? :)


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