Friday, 23 August 2013

Go Big or Stay Home

So that is just about on target with the mentality around these parts today. The exception being that we are home so that goes without saying.

Yesterdays big to-do list leaped us right into a project {finally} with big results. I was so excited to share it with all of you that I couldn't wait until it was complete!

Do you recall what the exterior of our home looks like? If not, I gave a little tour here a while back do take a look. It needs a lot of love, especially the back yard. Due to our limited budget we didn't manage to tackle many of the big ticket items on our list this summer but before the fall weather keeps us tucked away inside we thought we would accomplish one more. Finn is delighted that we did!

This is what we started with. Ahhh...It has actually gotten worse since last time! Give me a chance to explain: I got inspired to pull up all the stones one night while Rob was away because they weren't what I had envisioned and since then it has become a clutter magnet. But this project will help prevent that from ever happening again.

Finn got that sand crab for his birthday from his Uncle Josh and Gram. He is head over heels in love as much as a one year old can be. Getting dirty is the name of that boys game. But when all the kiddos get together it is quite a busy spot. Not really designed for the Gaudett/MacDonald clan. Not to mention it kills my grass which I am trying desperately to revive from its sad state.

Enter my solution.

A JUMBO sand/gravel box the entire neighbourhood could enjoy!

It is all pro according to my checklist:
  1. The ugly cement forms and base of the deck pillars are hidden and kid friendly.
  2. Under the deck will no longer be the home of random mess {Kids toys being the exception}
  3. It helps make our back area look a tad more finished.
  4. No more fighting over the small crab for a scoop of sand.

Common-law started by building boxes around the cement forms. Once secured, he ran the long boards complete with topper to make up the sandbox frame. 

Once the box is finished the large stones will need to be removed and the gravel {which is sharp and not kid friendly for playing} levelled. Then we will add a truck load of pea gravel {the rounded stones being the key to my sons heart}to fill the box. *We won't do actual sand because it will cost a small fortune to refill each year as it will inevitably wash away.

I can't wait to get it set up and tidied for you to see! *Not to mention to see the joy on our little Beans face when he is covered in dirt from head to toe. Check back soon!

*While Pap was working and Mam snapping photos the boys where too sweet. Finn played and talked in his current sandbox while Moe supervised from above.

Chat soon.

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