Friday, 9 August 2013

Front Porch Pop

We have made it to Friday! Yay!

I am certain those words are music for many of you. Friday means only one more day until Saturday. Obvious yet worth stating. For me it means getting to eat again after three days! And I am one day closer to seeing Robert. 

What does it mean for you? Perhaps a weekend project? Outdoors even, since summer is nearing its end? If so, I have just the project that could facilitate the motivation you need to get started.

My neighbour Janine lives in a lovely bungalow style home with a covered front porch. The perfect spot for morning coffee and outdoor play for the kiddos on those rainy days. But since moving in she has struggled to find inspiration to make that area inviting while maintaining function due to the narrow space. Take a look at her clever solution.

She found this AWESOME dresser at a yard sale for a steal - I think it was a whopping $10 - and added a splash of colour to make it pop against the neutrals of the house. The narrow and high style is perfect and it literally says Welcome to all. Quite a greeting if you ask me. 

Though it is not complete, she would love to track down the perfect vintage knobs, the progress thus far makes a world of difference.

The evolution of change is striking. 

At the beginning of summer the space was completely empty. They purchased the bench beneath the window, pillows, and potted plants to add some flair but they were not quite satisfied with the result.

Janine knew the dresser would be the perfect solution! I would have to agree 100%.

In its original state the dresser was gorgeous but it didn't add the pop she was looking for. To make sure she made the right decision right out the gate she put the dresser in place and added the pretties she planned to incorporate with the end result. After living with it as is for a few weeks she settled on a colour and went straight to work.

A day later this is what she had:

A striking pop of colour, a contrasting combination of new and old, while maintaing an open area for traffic and play.

It is amazing how a few simple changes can make such a drastic difference! I can't wait to see how she will transition the decor throughout the seasons. Fall is just around the corner!

Enjoy your weekend. I look forward to hear what you get up to!

Chat soon.

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