Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thankful Momma

He's Baaackkk! Robert arrived home! *Wooohooo!!! 

Finley and I were beyond excited to get dressed up - aka out of sweats - and scoot off to the airport to see and smooch that Pap! The last time Robert flew in after his two weeks away Finn played shy for a few days before warming up but thankfully this time around he was more than delighted to snuggle in and give is Pap all the love he desired! *Yet another reassurance that this venture is going to work and benefit us as a family.

There are times, usually while Robert is away and I am tired and admittedly smelly, that I question the choices we have made to uproot the male figure in Finley's daily life. And for what? 

So easily I seem to forget all the good that will come from this decision. It is in the simple moments when I see my oh so handsome common-law partner snuggle or play with my sweet boys that it all becomes clear. Though our time apart can be difficult, the consecutive weeks together will make all the difference for years to come. 

*Even now as I sit here writing, my heart overflows as I overhear the uncontrollable belly laughs coming from Finn as he and his father play and Moe sneaks in for full face kisses - better known as 'bizous' at our house.

And how can you not smile when you walk in on this sweet scene?

And on top of such excitement, Pops also arrived home this week after two months away! With eyes only for Finley, we were his first stop.

There is love a plenty for my sweet boy. This Momma has nothing to worry about!

*Except maybe the dirty floors I have chosen to ignore in all this excitement! But they too will keep!

Happy Wednesday! Hoping your home is overflowing with belly giggles too!


  1. Elaine MacDonald27 March 2013 at 16:30

    Ah so sweet all our boys!

  2. Definitely wonderful to see the boys all back together. Loving your blog!
    I am wondering how we get pictures of the Momma in the blog?


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