Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ready, Set, Blog

And so the blogging adventure begins...

I'm Allison. Robert, Finley and Moe are around here someplace too. Up to no good I am sure.
*They prove me right every time...

When it comes to blogging, we are newbies. But up for the challenge, we most certainly are.

Our goal is simple: to share the going-ons of our lives with anyone willing or crazy enough to check in. I'm not going to tell you a fib, we are your basic run of the mill people. Nothing extreme about us. So why the blog you might ask? Legitimate question, with an answer just as simple as the goal: though we may be basic, we are still interesting.

The day to day happenings with an infant boy, busy dog, overly intense woman and easy going to a fault man...why that is a recipe for a disaster and/or an interesting story or two. Toss in family, opinions, my regular brain scheming, projects from simple organization to full renovation, travel, and who knows what else along the way and we are in for a treat.

There are several selfish reasons going on behind the scenes here as well; we are not in this without personal gain. As I mention in the About Us tab, Robert has started a new chapter and is now working West. We thoroughly enjoy our time together when he is home, but for the weeks he is away he will be able to check in and keep tabs on the inevitable shenanigans we are bound to be up to.

Not to show my true colours too early on in this process...but I very much wanted an iMac in life. Therefore, I repeatedly alluded to Robert that it was pertinent in the success of my dream of becoming a successful blogger. So after months of said argument, we bit the bullet and bought a brand spanking new computer. Is she ever a dream! The Cadillac of computers I would argue. Though, said argument made by me is bias and obviously flawed due to the fact that I have owned one measly computer in my lifespan and can't recall any ride in a Cadillac. None the less, you're picking up what I am laying down.

Isn't she a 'beaut'!?

Finally, and a smidgen less self absorbed, we also need a bit of motivation to keep us productive during the common-laws time home. *Which I must admit has yet to be implemented this time around. Not one of us, excluding Moe of course, got out of our pyjamas yesterday before supper time. It's a tough life.

Which leads us to what I like to think is a natural segue to this weeks household project. Drumroll please..... The Epic Disaster that is our Pantry! Stay tuned.

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