Monday, 18 March 2013

Power of Positive Thinking

Do you happen to know anyone that just has a knack for having people give them things? And not junky things you feel obliged to take and then throw out at the first opportunity. NO - I  mean jackpot stuff! Stuff that you would have willingly paid for yet here they go offering it to you free of charge with an actual smile on their face.

This person I describe is sadly not me. *If something like that ever were to happened to me I would mirror the little lady in the ikea commercial and take off in a state of panic.

On the positive side of things, I happen to know not just one such person, but two! *Yes, this is an appropriate time to be jealous if there ever was one. My eldest and youngest brothers, Alex and Garry, have this uncanny ability to get the sweetest treasures going. I share this because up until recently neither one had a permanent home so I reaped the benefits of their gift. My house was scattered with lovely free things at my disposal to rearrange and enjoy.

This time has tragically come to an end and has thrown not only my house but household into an uproar. *Allow me to point out that of course I am over the moon for my brothers! There is a wonderful pride and joy that comes along with owning your own home and they are both so handy it really was a shame to put their energies into a place someone else would benefit from. But, with that being said, my house is depressed - and so is Moe.

The boys collected their vintage treasures, a record player, coffee table {which I had hoped to sway Garry to let me keep as a thank you for taking such good care of his things} and these two beautiful hand made rugs. Well, not only does the house look empty and just BLAH,  but Moe doesn't know where to lay to eat is bone and heaven forbid could never lay on the bare floor while relaxing and sunning himself! *He is not spoiled at all.

So in the spirit of thankfulness, I have chosen to focus on a few spaces in my house that have not been altered by the past weeks events. *This spirit has been forced upon me by the power of positive thinking - Moe is still working on it...

Each space has been organized to meet our families needs - functionally and visually. We hope you can find a few helpful ideas to bring into your home was well.

This chalk and cork board station help keep us on top of things. 
A tidy linen closet makes it easy for guests to find anything they might need. *And prevents Robert from insisting I cut back on my quilt collection.
I updated an old chest a while back by applying a fresh coat of white paint. It has been all over my house used for various functions - in the entry as a bench while housing seasonal items, in the den for extra seating while housing spare quilts, and can now be found in the spare room.
It is currently acting as a filing cabinet. Easy-peasy!
Common-law built these handy-dandy book shelves for Finns room. 
An easy way to add colour and style to any children space while still maintaining function and organization.
This is the linen closet in our master bath. Because we have a separate closet and bureau for our clothes, and space beneath the sink for towels, we have set this space up for easy access to his and hers toiletries and under-gear. 
A handy location to store his and hers under-gear. Not to mention a fool proof way to keep Robert tidy and helpful when putting away laundry.
A long thin drawer in our master bath vanity is prime realestate for any lady of the house. To make it functional we bought small plastic bins at the Dollarstore so everything had its own place. 

Knowing there are a few tidy spaces around here gives me hope that I'll be able to pull the rest of this sty back together. The work is never ending around a here.

Happy Monday!


  1. His and her under gear . Haha i like it ... Cant wait to get home and mess it all up..great post alli

  2. Such fabulous organizing ideas!
    I especially love those bookshelves in Finn's room!

    1. Thank you Leanne!
      We got the idea for Finns bookshelves on Pinterest and Rob made them work for the wall I wanted them on. I imagine they will get lots of use in the years to come.


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