Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pantry Project Set in Motion

Allow me to introduce you to the disaster that is my pantry.

From the outside it looks harmless but that most certainly is not the case...

Ahhh....I know I know! I am a fraud! This is my shameful equivalent to Monica's locked closet on Friends.

To be fair, the pantry is one of those spaces in the house that I just haven't prioritized. It is just a glorified closet after all. NOT! Even as I make these excuses to you and try justifying the shamefulness that is this mess I know deep down they just are not true. 

I love love love (mentally sounding at random like an Ace Ventura Pet Detective voice...) things to be well organized while still appealing to the eye. I mean, who doesn't really? Don't answer that. Let's pretend that everyone agrees with me on this subject. Which then means we can all agree that even a glorified closet can be a space one wants to spend time in. 

My pantry however, is clearly missing the mark on all of the above. Does anyone else find themselves wanting to run in fear of being sucked in never to be recovered? Because those are my exact thoughts every morning while trying to scrounge up a coffee filter. I spy with my little eye...

Which brings us to the plan of attack for remedying this awful 'Situation': 
  • Source storage bins and containers of various shapes and sizes
  • Sort, categories, relocate and purge
  • Create a clear labelling system
  • Add colour and texture
*Just to be clear, cutting back on dishes is not an option (Robert or anyone of like mind)

So, that gets us pointed in the right direction. Before we start emptying out the loot and have it bombard   every nook and cranny of the rest of my house, we have a  few smaller projects to work on in order to make this project a success.

Does anyone else have a space like this in their house that needs a once, or twice, over? I hope I am not the only one.

See you soon!


  1. Yes, I do. I have a couple of spaces in our apartment right now that need twice overs! You're not alone ;)

  2. I am relieved to hear I am not the only one!


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