Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One Stop Coffee

One Stop Coffee Station. Bam!

Need I say more??

Well...I guess maybe just a tad.

So as I was working on giving our pantry a makeover this past week {which you can check out here}, I decided I needed a better solution for my coffee maker and its team.

Up until now we had been shuffling everything back and forth between the counter and the pantry just to make a hot beverage. This doesn't sound overly tedious when in reality our kitchen island is one step away from the pantry. But the fact is that we here at the MacDonald/Gaudett residence are beverage people. We could brew coffee all day long and think nothing of it. And when my family comes to town, we most certainly do.

So just leave the coffee items out - simple as that eh? Ahhh...No!

Yours truly is not a fan of clutter. Surprise! Almost as soon as the coffee is poured into awaiting mugs it is all packed up and put away. Great! Again, no such luck. Common-Law and I are cut from completely different cloths so to speak {If that is even the correct saying}. Consider me burlap and he can be...silk? Maybe... the other way around? Can't be sure. Either way, he does not overly enjoy the fact that I am on his heals putting things away {Somewhat constantly}. Alas, the issue.

Which brings me to my solution - this week. *I tend to change things around from time to time. {Understatement alert}

When we designed our kitchen island I insisted on having an open space for displaying pretties - and wine naturally. I knew this space would come in handy when it comes to my need to constantly rearrange. So over the past few years it has played host to many a seasonal display or organization solution of the month. I am particularly thrilled with its latest turnout.

An idea of the overall kitchen layout.
By now I assume you have deduced that it is now home to all of our coffee brewing items. Well look at you and your smarty pants! Gold star!

The coffee/tea station has set up shop at the islands end - insert joke here, sadly my mind has drawn a complete blank for humour. It is a perfect space for our hot beverage selections, sugar, filters {They will never be lost again}, favourite mugs, and the maker itself. *Coffee maker that is.

Keeping with a similar theme and feel from the pantry, I transferred the sugar, teas, coffees, and hot chocolates to various jars and canisters and labelled them.

A drawer from a vintage sowing machine {which I plan on redoing one of these days} breaks up the cluster of said jars and canisters in a way that, I think at least, makes the station appealing to the eye.

The bottom shelf holds a basket filled with a variety of mugs - our favourites have their own spot on the top shelf.

Such a simple solution to what seems like such a silly problem - now.

Happy organizing!


  1. i LOVE it! Can't wait to put it to use on Friday :)


    1. Nor can I! Although, there is no comparison to the Starbucks we would be having if I was going to your place! :)


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