Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Cats Life

'While the dog is away, the cat can play.'

So technically the above is true...but my version goes something more along the lines of, 'If the dog were home the cat could be taking a nap.'

That being said, this needs to follow - I detest being wrong. I am tired. My child has been a touch fussy this week. And by that I actually mean - I quadruple hate even the slightest inkling at the minute chance that I may be wrong. I have not slept a full night sleep in months. And finally, Finn is teething and will not stop crying, bless his heart. *Unless he is getting up to no good with his new found skills doing this priceless little number...

'Bee-Boop. Look what I can do...Oh no, I've been spotted!'
So why in heavens name did I think it was a good idea to start stencilling my pantry to add disaster zone to the equation? *Enter the time I should likely admit to having slightly misjudged the situation, even a smidge - but I will not! The logical answer is clearly because a normal person could not stand to wait days to get started on such a fun project that will better our home in so many ways... Right?

Well, now I come to the point in my argument that I must admit defeat and confess that maybe, just maybe, I over estimated my ability in the present situation - *Don't get used to that Robert! - because allow me to introduce you to the current state of my home...

Rice cake anyone? 
Ahhh...and I just fainted!
On the more positive side of things... *Because up until now lets admit that this post was rather down in the dumps, just like my dinning room. Ba-dum-dum-Pssshh! And I am officially laughing at my own lame joke. Lame?! No, I feel good about it!

Now that we are all laughing and having a good time. *Right? We revert back to the reason I have been eating on the sofa. The pantry project and all its glory. It looks AWESOME! *Said in a dramatic singing voice.

Would you like a little sneak peak-a-roo? *'Ah yah I do, why else would I have endured your ranting via blog if not to see the progress' you might say, give or take a few words.

Drum roll please...

Well la-tee-da right?!

I hope you are loving it as much as I do! Or more even, right now. Since I still clearly have a lot more work to do on it while you get to sit home and enjoy the eye candy!

The colour I went with is the same as our Laundry Room, a powderish blue. When the lights are off it looks quite grey though. With new storage bins and those dandy chalk canisters that we did here, I think this space is going to be a lovely addition to our home. *If you can't find me, I will likely be found hiding here!

Now, the cat is off to save the dog from doing work upon his arrival home.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it Al!! Looks fabulous!! Side note, what I enjoyed most about this post:
    1. Laughing at your own joke? Not surprised and I LOVE it! haha
    2. The statement : Ah, yah ya do! lol
    3. Finn's freakin' cute "crap, I just got caught" face

    Your blog has become a part of my daily life as my pick me up and quick laugh... I love ya!

    1. So Sarah, your comment officially made my week! To know someone is reading, and the kicker - laughing, along with me makes this all the more sweet. Thanks friend! xo *And that Finn...between he and Moe, I truly have a full time job!

  2. I am already in love with your pantry!!!

    1. Oh I am so glad Leanne! It is fantastic to get feedback.
      Stay posted for the progress - hopefully it is made sooner than later! :)


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