Thursday, 15 August 2013

Quicky Mid Week Update

I know. I know. I know! MIA is an understatement for my recent activity, or lack there of, here on my online sanctuary. And once again, I am only stopping by for a moment to share a quick update. So you wont think you have been forgotten. 

Life has gotten busy. Not crazy out of control busy just one unexpected thing after another intertwined with planned happenings kind of busy. You know? Some of you must be able to relate what with back to school and summers end quickly approaching. 

Where do I even start... Has it really been since we were at the cottage, what like four weeks ago, since I've shared any form of update? I should be absolutely ashamed! It is noted and I will make every effort to keep you better informed. 

So there was the cottage for a week. In a word - GRAND. It was the best, most relaxing, week away we have had in years and our official first family vacation with Finley! The highlights include: an engagement surprise {I am still in shock}, an extended family potluck get together {Cherished moments}, an evening of clamming with my common-law {Ahh! A new term of endearment is in order! What shall I do?}, and countless hours of cards, puzzle, visiting, and swimming {Moe even sprained his tail from over exertion}. Bliss!

Ahh...Family Potlucks.
A gorgeous evening with delicious food, the sweetest of people, and the inevitable friendly banter.
Since our arrival home Robert has returned West to work. {Gracious I am delayed on this - he will be home again Monday!} Finley and I have been busy every day which is completely unlike us. *Unless you include home projects -  in which case we are always swamped. Exception: this turn around. There has not been a single project in sight. Not even an attempt! What has come over me??

I blame the blur that has been the past two weeks. Just one thing after another or overlapped with something else. A teething baby - four teeth at once is not a good time had. A handful of sicky heads - Tantie Sarah, Jenn, and Uncle Greg all got the flu. A three day detox cleanse which has me passing on smoothies for a while. The beginning of an eight week training to jump start me into the running world. AANNDD...Tickets booked to attend BlogPodium this September! About which I could not be more excited if I tried! 

To top it all off, I have been delightfully busy spending time with my Mother Dearest and four of my nieces - Mila, Sophey, Marley, and Eloise - after their spontaneous arrival this Tuesday.  

Colouring Central!

Our home has taken a quick turn into girl central: The clothes. The craft centre at the kitchen table. The colouring station in the living room. *My temporary coffee table is in fact Finley's craft table so it worked out perfectly. The movies. The hair-do's. And the endless giggles. Finley and Moe don't know what to do with themselves! And I can tell you Robert is delighted he isn't home. A week he can actually enjoy being at work! Escaping the chatter he would say. 

So that is us! A lot of fun with a sprinkle of crazy. Better yet, a splash! We are off to the beach. *Then we are filling our evening with a rip to the drive in. This gal is excited! Maybe more than the girls.
Hopefully once things calm down I can get back to work around here. Perhaps it is time to revisit the To-Do List? Start off Roberts time home on a productive foot! He will be delighted.
Chat soon friends.

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