Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Mix-Ups

It is a stereotypical Monday around here. Lovely. 

Due to my lack of projecting as of late I had resolved to do some work around the blog to spruce things up a bit and make our project endeavours more accessible to you. With that mindset, I set out to put a gallery page together and present it as todays post. However, as you can see, that did not pan out so well. 

I am not overly computer savvy - to say the least. There has been some notable progress since embarking on this blogging journey but needless to say I have not yet arrived. After gathering all of the links of projects we have done in the past six months and sitting at the computer night after night, hour after childless hour, I still have nothing to show. I have resolved to figure it out, have no fear, but it just wont be today.

Instead, due to my lack of preparedness, you will be blessed with a few photos and rehashing of our weekend adventures. But first things first, Robert is coming home TODAY! For me that means I get my best friend and partner back. Woohoo! But for you - get ready for it - it means projects coming your way. Make sure you check back soon to keep up with our next endeavour. 

So the weekend. Two of my four nieces returned home with my Mother Dearest. But not before Eloise gave her teeth a thorough brushing with Finn by her side.

I am down to only two extras, Marley and Sophey, the twins. As soon as the others hit the road they sat down at the table to prepare a to-do list for their remaining time with Tantie {that is me}. Inherited perhaps?? Must be! 

There list entailed the following:
  1. Swimming
    1. Pool
    2. Beach
  2. Eating Pizza {@ a Restaurant}
  3. Going to the store {their idea of shopping}
  4. Walk Moe
  5. Go to Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Elaines {Rob's Parents - They have a hot tub!}
  6. Go for a drive on Mr. Stuarts boat
  7. Do Yoga
  8. Watch a Movie
  9. Wash Uncle Rob's Car
  10. Go for Ice Cream
What can I say? They know what they want. And as all Tantie's who love to spoil do, I happily obliged.  We managed to complete everything on the list except for washing the car and doing yoga. Where those two even came from I am not sure.

They swam like fishes at Robs uncle Craig's pool and at the local beach. Actually, they both successfully swam out to a floating dock without a life jacket. I can remember when they were born! Where has the time gone? We went out for pizza at a 'fancy' restaurant by their standards so they had to wear their new shoes we picked up on our shopping trip to the Super Store {I had to get a few groceries}.

On Sunday they were up and at it early beaming with excitement to go to Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Elaine's. The day was absolutely beautiful! We had a delicious lunch of barbecued sausage and fresh corn, hit the beach, got our second ice cream treat of the weekend, and took a tour out on Mr. Stu's boat. Honestly, there are no words. The view from the boat, the calm water, the sounds, smells... It was the perfect end to a busy weekend - for the girls that is. Mine ended with a glass of wine on our deck watching the sunset.

I snapped a few shots of our visit and even attempted a spontaneous photo shoot with Mr. Finn and his grandparents.

Pops took the whole gang, Moe included, on a walking adventure.

Capturing moments like these mean so much to me.
Finn is blessed to have a father and grandfather who love him so.

Camera worthy.

Moe wanted to get in on the action.
What a pup!

Those eyes.
He is going to get up to mischief I dare say...


A recent discovery Finn wanted to share with Meema.

My two beauties.
After nearly a week of go, go, go these gals were still smiling.

I hope you had a great weekend as well. What did you get up to?
Chat soon.

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  1. Absolutely a beautiful weekend for sure. Thanks for sharing these photo's just love them, especially the "Smiles", it is perfect.The girls certainly are beauties, we enjoyed their visit immensely!


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