Thursday, 1 August 2013

First of the Month

Gracious me it is August already!

Which means it is that time again to review last months to-do list and see how we made out. 

How did you do?

Here is mine. Some good. Some great! Some epic fails. 

Family Time {Momma is behind the Camera}
  • Priorities
    • Rob - On track! We set time aside to enjoy time together as a family, as a couple, and individually.
    • Finley - On track! We managed to get together with friends for him to play with at least once a week.
    • Moe - On track! When we weren't away on vacation {which he was free the ENTIRE time} he was walked twice a day and played with in the yard some. Spoiled pup.
    • Our Home - On track! I owe this success mostly to Organization Palooza but no matter, i'll take it. 

Organization Palooza Spells Productivity
  • Productivity
    • DIY Projects - Check {ish} *None of the premeditated projects were done.
    • Organization - CHECK! *My entire house was touched by Organization Palooza. Every single item has a place of its own now. Success!
    • Home Town - In motion. *We did go to the cottage but instead of working we relaxed to the fullest. However, we did have many a discussion about future projects which led to a list. We plan to return soon and get to work.
  • Decisions
    • Will - Still here. We have not made any progress on this front yet again.
    • Banking - Check. *This is an add on because it wasn't on the list be we started and completed it this month. We set up savings accounts for Mr. Finley for the future. A job well done.
  • Personal
    • Reading - Still here...  *I'm failing in this department. I may start counting keeping up with my favourite blogs as reading time.
    • Yoga - Fail. I didn't make it out even once.
    • Water Intake - Progress. I am up to 4 - 5. 

And there you have it. Reality at its finest.

It is nice to see progress in some areas. Especially to see that I have focused on what is truly most important - My Family! But taking time out for myself seems to be trending as low importance in the scheme of things so that needs to be addressed. 

Hopefully August is the month to turn that around. To help with that I am going to set myself up for success by condensing my list. Take a look.
  • Priorities
    • Rob - Enjoy time together as a family, a couple, and individually.
    • Finley - Give him every moment I can.
    • Moe - Walk twice a day {Exception: if we go to the beach or have an off leash play}
  • Productivity
    • DIY Projects - 4 to 6. *Anything.
  • Personal
    • Reading - *Anything. As long as it is enjoyed.
    • Get Fresh Air - Walk, Run, Play...
    • Water Intake - 6 to 8 glasses daily. 

I have a feeling this is going to be a good one!

What about you? What are you focusing on this month? What are your personal and productive goals?

Can't wait to chat again soon! Drop me an email or comment to share or discuss your monthly lists. Or anything for that matter!

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