Friday, 6 September 2013

Time Out in Metallic

As promised our latest project is done-like-dinner and all ready for the viewing. 

Honest Moment: Usually I am over the moon excited to share my finished products with all of you - success or fail. It is my extra reward beyond the project itself. The cherry on top so to speak. But for some odd reason I am nervous for todays sharing. Perhaps it is because I stretched myself beyond my comfort zone with the metallic paint? Or it could be that I am questioning the small lettering choice... Either way, it is what it is. Can't let the nerves get the best of me.

Solution: An attempted mini photo shoot with a tired Mr. Finn. He enjoyed exploring the possibilities the 'his size' chair had to offer. 

Take a look and see what you think.

The subtle blue - a leftover from the laundry room - flows nicely with the metallic silver. And the original wood, though small, adds a glimpse into history. 

Finn is a huge fan! And that is what matters. 

Well, at least until it becomes a spot to gather himself. Then he will dislike it either way.

What do you think? A success or a flop?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Chat soon.

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  1. Great job on the chair, looks good and Finley seems to like his new chair ...for today at least.

  2. I love this chair! What a great idea! Love the colour choices and the letters! Also, Finn is handsome as ever!!

  3. Haha Finn u like it now but u'll understand the meaning of it soon enough. Great job babe looks awesome.


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