Monday, 2 September 2013

First of the Month

September is upon us. That is no joke. It certainly has hit this household with a BANG. Perhaps your household too? School back in session? A weather shift? New job? Do share!

Roberts two weeks home with us are up - already! He was off to the airport bright and early this a.m. Leaving home before three. Blah. He has a long day ahead. Actually, a long two weeks ahead of fourteen twelve hour work days back to back. My hero. Thankfully he is a trooper and plays the tough guy when he leaves so that I don't get too down in the dumps. But I know the time apart if difficult for him too. How could it not be? Being away from my bossy britches and our two sweet boys. Finley is getting so big, much too quickly. And Moe is, well Moe. Well worth missing!

Surprise Flowers for Sweetness in Roberts Absence

The other factor in September bringing the BANG is Sarah. My dearest, sweet friend Sarah who came to spend the summer with us here in Pictou County has no time left. Sadly, September was the inevitable mark that signalled our time together coming to an end. Having her here these past months has been above and beyond helpful to me.  And of course, as per usual, the memories we have made, mostly silly, will be added to the stock pile of those that came before. Good friends are few and far between are they not? And though I may be sad today, thankfulness will return soon enough. Until then...I will welcome my sadness with hot coffee and try to see the good.

The good, in my books, being the change in weather September brings. Let's clarify that I welcome each season with open arms but the Fall has a particularly warm place in my heart. The change in the air, that crisp cool breeze, sparks flames in the neighbourhood fireplaces spilling out 'the smell' of fall. Moe will have no problem getting his walks in this month. It is a compilation of everything: The smells. The leaves changing colour. The wardrobe switch. Scarves! Boots! Wool socks! Can I hear an amen?! The craft possibilities. Oh, and the desire to spend more time inside. At home. Doing projects...and puzzles. If that doesn't give you the warm fuzzies you need to get yourself check out. Scoot. You must be a sicky-head!

Finally, September brings me back to my monthly list of goals. Another good. Perfect timing with all those once near and always dear to me taking off. Productivity tends to be the key to upbeat moral. I had given myself a very basic list of to-do's for August because I know myself and how distracting the sun can be. Overall, I think I played it by the book but let's take a closer look:

  • Priorities
    • Rob - Enjoy time together as a family, a couple, and individually - Check! We did just that! Lots of time just us as a family. We went out on at least two mini dates just the two of us. Robert got out golfing five times! And I had a few solo hours working on the blog as well as two afternoons out with Sarah.
    • Finley - Give him every moment I can - As a mother I don't think I will ever feel that I have done enough in this department but that sweet boy is most certainly loved. No question.
    • Moe - Walk twice a day {Exception: if we go to the beach or have an off leash play} - Now to  be honest Moe didn't get out for many official walks but he was one busy dog. He went everywhere we did and enjoyed every moment to the point of exhaustion. 
  • Personal
    • Reading - *Anything. As long as it is enjoyed - Check! Instead of pressuring myself to get through an entire book I relaxed and enjoyed several magazines as well as many of my favourite bloggers!
    • Get Fresh Air - Walk, Run, Play... - Check! Literally every single day! Rain or shine we were out and about.
    • Water Intake - 6 to 8 glasses daily - Just about. I'm up to roughly five. 

So that is me. Well us. How did you make out in August? I would completely understand if you strayed from your plan - hot weather is hard to overcome. But September may be whistling a different tune! Will you challenge yourself? Or give yourself a break on the list front to get settled back in to the reality of life after a summer of bliss?

To break up the writing overload - A pic of my sweet boy over the weekend!

Hmm...what to do? What to do? Originally, I was thinking jump in head first in all categories. But when I look at my calendar and what we have coming up in the next few months I am second guessing myself.  Let's go with a middle ground:

  • Priorities
    • Rob - Enjoy time together as a family, a couple, and individually.
    • Finley - Give him every moment I can. Then a little more!
    • Moe - Walk twice a day.
  • Productivity
    • DIY Projects - 8 to 10. *Anything. Dig in!
  • Personal
    • Reading - *Anything. As long as it is enjoyed.
    • Get Fresh Air - Walk, Run, Play...
    • Water Intake - 6 to 8 glasses daily. 

How is that? I am feeling good about it. Keeping the focus on what really matters and upping the anti in the productivity department since it was lacks last month. Wish me luck!

I'm sending luck and motivation your way! What are you hoping to get up to? Do tell!

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