Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Get Inspired. Get Organized

How goes the organization friends?

Enjoying the changes around your home as a result of Organization Palooza? I certainly hope so. 

But it is early yet. We are only working on our second day and there is still a ways to go.

So... I thought, since it is Wednesday, I would take some time out and share some great ideas that may help get your spaces in tip top shape. And on a budget to boot. 

Take a look.

I know. Right? Amazing and clever. Baking sheets put to work outside of the kitchen. A magnet board, drawer separation, or perhaps a boot tray.

Repurposing at its best.

There are likely a trillion ways to store spices but I am loving this simple approach with mason jars. 

The labelled tops are an easy and inexpensive DIY. The larger sized jars will accommodate more than the average store bought shakers {hello Cosco}. And if you are a creator of mixes and rubs you can save yourself time by having them pre-made. Win. Win. Win.

I am all over repurposing items. Do you agree? 

This file organizer turned fabric holder is a great example. It helps display the fabric choices, keep them tidy, and easily accessible.


Bathroom towels meet window flower box. A perfect couple. *Not to mention the boxes come in a rainbow of colours so you are likely to find one to match your colour scheme without too much trouble.


A simple bin and label approach to organizing medical supplies seems to be the most efficient. 

Currently, I have all of mine thrown in one open bin labelled Medicine which is less than functional. Sure it is all in one spot, so Im on the right track, but it is difficult to actually find what Im looking for once I get there. Which is why I love what Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons did. Simply by separating the contents into three bins, she created functional and easily accessible storage. Then labelling each puts the cherry on my kind of sunday.


Ba.da! Trash cans and buckets at their finest. Garage or pantry storage solutions for those big bag items that just pile up - like bird seed, soil, sand, salt, or fertilizers. If they had a good seal I'd even store Moe's dog food in there. And to keep things matching, if these came in a taller more narrow version, you could even use them for housing sports equipment, lawn tools, or kindling.


I hope these ideas have been helpful. Or at least inspire you to take closer look around your house for items you could repurpose.

Now I am off to keep organizing my little heart out on Day 2 of Organization Palooza!

Hope you can pencil in a little, or a lot, of organization today. Keep me posted on your progress.

Chat soon.

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