Saturday, 1 June 2013

First of the Month

Today is the first of June. Time again to re-evalute life as I know it.

Does the beginning of a new month have a similar affect on you? Or am I the only duck in that pond?

I don't know what it is about a new month on the calendar but my mind just seems to automatically adjust to an anxious planning mode and get all jittery insisting I evaluate my decisions, priorities, productivity, and personal goals. So here I sit in the sun alone with my busy thoughts - while Mr. Finn takes his nap.

I did do up a little list of goals a while back and shared it here. It looked like a-so:
  • Walk Moe twice a day. 
  • Shower, Dry/Straighten Hair, apply Makeup three times a week. 
  • Try a new recipe once a week. 
  • Read a book 

Wow my life is exciting when I look at this list! Ha. But the good in life really does seem to be found in the simple things - at least that is my experience.

What is on the agenda this month?
  • Rob - {Priority} While he is home I need to be intensional about giving him time to himself {aka golf} as well as plan a night for us to go out for a few hours without the babe. After the kids grow up it is just you and your partner...
  • Finley - {Priority} I need to be more intensional about my time with him. These moments with him as a babe are fleeting. Stop and enjoy them Momma.
  • Moe - {Priority} Walk him twice a day. {This one stays on because it has not become habit yet.}
  • DIY projects - {Productivity} 3 to 5 projects. While the weather is nice it is the time to open that garage door and get to work while the warm air blows through my hair.
  • Organization - {Productivity} Zero in on 1 to 3 areas in the home that need to be more functional.
  • Just in case - {Decisions} With Robert travelling so much and a few trips on the dream board it is important we get things in order for Finley in case something were to happen to us.
  • Me time - {Personal} Its been a long time coming, Finley will be a year old this month. I need to let go and get away for a night by myself. *Maybe...
  • Read a book - {Personal} Still on here. I dont even know if I have picked up a book since last month...Guilty. But it will happen with all my new material. {For those of you following me on Instagram you already caught a glimpse of my loot!}

Now I showed you mine. You show me yours. Lists that is!

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones constantly aware of your direction and able to balance everything along the way. Or you may fall into a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly planner like me. And to those of you who go with the flow and only set goals on milestone birthdays and New Years, I tip my hat to you. Whatever your planning habits are I'd love to hear about them! What are you striving to achieve this month? Big or small.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Chat soon.

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