Friday, 7 June 2013

Summer House Tour

Raise your hand if your home is well lived in!

I see those hands! Wow...that looks like most of you. And Im right there next to you in the crowd. Yeah thats me. The one in the filthy slippers. I forgot to switch them on my way out the door. C'est la vie!

This house of mine is not quite two years old and yet if the walls could speak I would be frightened of the tales. The combination of turbo dog, kids running and crawling a muck, and a bossy do-it-yourselfer results in a go-ahead, come-back type of situation. As soon as one project is done three more are added to the list. Then a jar of coffee gets dropped and cracks a tile. Tack that one on as well.

It quite literally will never end. Which is why I have decided to take this time and embrace the few spaces in my home that are on their way to decorating success. Do, however, keep in mind they all have a ways to go yet.

Main Entryway

Living Room

Dining Room



Laundry Room

Main Floor Bath

Finley's Room

I hope you enjoyed the tour! And if you ever want to do it again, and again, it will be easily located at the Our Home tab. *Do check back for updates! I for one love walking through my house online. It is much cleaner than the real thing. A lot less dog hair!

And if you are a regular around these parts you may have noticed a few changes we have made. Check back this week when I share those successful DIY projects.

Looking forward to a chat real soon.

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  1. What a great summerhouse! Not only does the house itself look appealing, but the d├ęcor and colors just scream summer!

  2. where did you get your shelf for the laundry room?

  3. The laundry room shelf was a DIY.

  4. did you use any sort of template for the laundry room shelf? Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately we did not use a template for this DIY.
      I drew up a sketch of what I wanted and common-law came up with it.
      Sorry so can't be more help.
      But if you have specific structural questions I can ask him.


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