Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Frame Spruce Up

Is there anything in your home that just plain irks you? Something that has gone undone? Or a decorating dilemma you cant seem to muster up a solution for?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above please read on. If not - well arn't you just the cats meow - this post may leave you wanting more. Do check back in tomorrow though!

My answer is 'yes' to all of the questions above actually. {I am clearly not the cats meow. Maybe the dogs bark??} There is always a plan or list rolling around in this coconut of mine. Always something to improve, purge, or rearrange. But then there are those times that I get stumped. The bigger picture, end result, grand scheme is not clear. I just keep walking by the space or item in frustration because there it is in all its ugly glory and the decorating corner in my brain goes all foggy.

Lately that headache inducing struggle is the wall decor in my home - specifically the dining room. Ill admit here and now that choosing wall decor is not my strength. I always seem to play it safe. Be all matchy matchy. And in the end nothing looks as I dreamed it would. *If I can even concoct a dream image to begin with.

So after months and months of staring at the four dull white frames hung between the windows in my dining room I decided I had to do something. ANY.thing!

Dining Room - Before
You see the problem? Our home is open concept which means my goal is to achieve flow between spaces while managing to create a distinct look for each. Which is why I originally went with the safe four white frames with a pop of colour in the maps. It did the trick until I fell in love with that grey and cream fabric and made those gorgeous roman blinds. {Officially tooting own horn on that one!} Now the frames and their maps stick out like a sore thumb - not in a good way.

My go to solution is paint. An easy way to give a facelift without major commitment. *Once again that word 'commitment' shows its ugly face. And if I change my mind down the road another coat of paint is all it takes. And the best news is that it will provide the same service to you too!

The maps will eventually need to go, but until a replacement is found to fill them that I love they will have to stay.{My simple decorating philosophy: Happiness with your home is achieved by filling it only with things you love. Feeling inspired?} But the white on white is not doing the trick. Paint the frames themselves, my other go to, or the mats for a little switch-a-roo? That is the question.

Previously Painted Frames
The living room art already has the painted frame look. So I opted for the mats this time.

My first attempt at a project is usually the most frugal. *One of the main reasons the common-law lets me get up to these shenanigans in the first place. But when the only grey paint in the house was a complete bust and not at all the colour I was going for it was essential to skip to plan B - Shopping. *One of the main reasons the common-law doesn't like me getting up to these shenanigans.

I behaved though. Picked up a sample size can of grey paint for $7 - remember we are in Canada and that is a steal - which was more than enough to do this little DIY. Then set to work. All you need is a roller, tray, newspaper, and the paint.

After doing one I panicked! This dark shade of grey is bold as far as I go. But I had chosen grey to bring the curtains to life and make them pop.

And pop they did! After all four were painted and hung the dining room came to life. The frames and art no longer blend in but actually add to the space.

It is amazing how much difference a coat of paint can do! Hopefully this spruce up will inspire change - a replacement for those maps in my home and a DIY in yours!

Happy painting!

Chat soon.

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