Friday, 15 March 2013

Perspective is Everything

'Perspective is everything.'

I am sure you have heard that saying or something to its effect before. *On any given day I would argue that that is limited truth - so much more needs to be considered such as mood, experiences, ability to interpret situational cues, ext. - but lucky for you today is not that day!

So let's go with 'Perspective is everything.'

Moe and I woke to a beautiful sunny day and the sounds of Finn chatting with his crib friends over the monitor. Adorable right!? After breakfast and coffee came playing and more playing. By noon we could still be found in our pyjamas on the floor covered in dog hair and having accomplished zilch. Zero.

Realizing this, I dive head first into a type of 'go go gadget'/'intense Betty' mode. *Essentially becoming my mother before leaving for vacation. Did anyone else's parents do that? I remember Mom used to get in a frenzied state and clean the entire house within the last ten minutes before we were supposed to be out the door. And because we were so anxious to go we would all help. Clever lady that mother of mine!

Anyhoo, the next thing I know Finn and I have muffin batter whipped up, a supper option out, the floors vacuumed, flowers watered, ourselves dressed and Moe fetching his leash for a walk. When we arrive back to our street Finn has fallen asleep so, still in my maniac state, I get straight to work picking up a winters worth of Moe dung. Blah - I know!

Committed to the task, it took me a while before I stopped and questioned my train of thought while working away. It went something along the lines of, 'My it is so nice to get things done around here... lalala... It will be so nice to have this done... lalala dog poo... One less thing to worry about!... I love being productive and picking up Moe poo!...'

Come on!! I mean really! Who gets excited about collecting animal fecal matter on a sunny day?

Apparently me! Welcome to my world...

Logical conclusion {aside from temporary insanity} - 'Perspective is everything.'

Let's hope I am the only one with a twisted approach to productivity today. Perhaps it is time to get serious about my to-do list...

Happy Friday!

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