Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mac Mac & Mac

The sun is shining in through the windows - I am opting to ignore its ability to showcase the dirty floors and rather to look on the 'bright' side. Our little family has just returned home from a morning workout at the gym and we are settling in for lunch, coffee and serious play time!

*And can I just say that I love when Robert is home so I don't have to make every single meal. Things just always seem to taste better when someone else makes them - even if it is just a grilled cheese.

Hot peppers, mushrooms and chicken {or whatever you have in the fridge really}
add a nice twist to a simple grilled cheese.
But the real hype and buzz here at the MacDonald/Gaudett household, more exciting than a delicious grilled cheese sandwich {Imagine} - is my new phone! 'Mommas got a brand new bag'!!

My good ol' reliable phone just up and died last week. Not so reliable after all I suppose. It finally succumbed to the dropping and spit inflicted by Finley and my years of abuse. Thankfully my contract was just coming to an end and I was able to switch carriers - Pictou County was a headache with its lack of service areas - and get a smoking deal to boot!

Of course Robert was all over it. He did all the research on the best deals and plans in town and then off he went to barter with the Bell people.*He is always on top of these things. It is fantastic! When I was pregnant for Finn, Robert did all the research for the best and safest cribs, carseats, everything! I just get to reap the benefits of his efficient nature! And the iPhone 5. Free of charge for moi!

Common-Law is way more excited than I am. He is like a kid on Christmas morning! But I will admit, it does make me feel like a grown-up. Seeing these kids around town with fancy phones and here I was with this childish white and green flip phone. I mean, come on!

Technology here I come!
I told Rob there was something wrong here. We have committed to the iMac, the iPad, the iPhone, but I have yet to commit to the Mac himself! Ba-dum-dum-shh!

Happy Thursday all!

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